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fall forward

I’ll be everything you need, in a vintage suitcase at your feet.
A few pairs of  jeans and a small stack of tee’s. 
It’s a long ways across the country, but all I really need is your heart. 
I’ll stretch my arms around the world for you, but mostly around you. 
Before we go, I’ll pull you in and kiss you with intent that you can sense. 
We’ll leave with no way to go, but nowhere is the way we know. 
Get a little nervous as I shift from three to four, hold my breathe and throw it into fifth. 
I won’t look back, because I know your hand is guiding me. 
We’ll chase the moonlight until the sun catches up. 
And when our tired eyes can’t drive another mile, we’ll pull over, and in my arms you’ll fall asleep to the rhythm of my heart beat. 
When then warmth of our skin starts to feel real, I’ll open my eyes and realize I’m home with you, wherever we are. 
We’ll find a diner where we’ll slide into a booth on the same side so we can snuggle close. 
It’s there, while we sip our coffee, we’ll spill our love.